मेरे हिस्से में आँधी, तेरे हिस्से में हवाएं लिखीं,
मैंने खुद को मिटाकर तेरे हिस्से में दुआएं लिखीं,
और न जाने तेरी नजर कमजोर थी या नीयत खराब थी,
तूने तब-तब बेवफ़ा पढ़ा, मैने जब जब वफाएं लिखीं।The storm is in my part, the winds are in your part,
I erased myself and wrote blessings for you,
And I don't know whether your eyesight was weak or your intentions were bad,
You read unfaithful every now and then, I wrote loyalty every now and then.